Another surgery

When coworker Jakob and I walked into the ICU at Sheba Hospital today, we saw that there was a lot happening in Mohammed’s room. The ICU staff made him ready to go to the CT-scan area. We spoke to his doctor who said they think Mohammed’s atrial valve is leaking. This is a complicated problem, and the doctor doubted that the surgeon will take the chance to fix it.

Another problem is that Mohammed’s aorta is narrowed. This can be fixed in a second surgery. After the CT-scan, the doctors and surgeons will talk about Mohammed’s case and decide if they will do another surgery and if they will fix both problems or just one of them.

Mohammed’s grandmother is finding some things to be difficult. She is in the hospital already for a while now and she has problems with her own dental health.┬áPlease pray for her, for Mohammed and the doctors who have to decide how to help Mohammed.