Another surgery needed

Today at Sheba hospital, I visited chubby little Abed and his mother. I found him sitting on his bed in a car seat. I asked his mother why he was sitting in it.  She said she believed it to be helpful in strengthening Abed’s muscles and preparing him for sitting up on his own later on.  He also gets his milk in this position because it helps him to swallow better. Little Abed has a Inguinal hernia and therefore he needs to have a surgery soon.

His mother is a bit worried about this surgery because of Abed’s other health issues. Please be praying for little Abed and his lovely mother. I really always love to visit them. It feels like visiting a friend. They are like family to me. At the same time, it makes me sad they are here for such a long time and can’t be reunited with their family. So please keep praying for them.