Answered prayers

Since the disappointing news last week from Daryan’s echo, almost every day, Daryan’s lovely mum has asked us to pray for him. She has been worried that the surgery was unsuccessful and that he would need another catheterisation or surgery. So before we set off for the hospital, I was asked what the whole community could pray for. I thought, how can I even really describe succinctly how much we are longing with his mother for God’s provision of a healthy heart for Daryan, and for him to be calm during his echo. He still screams at the sight of anything he associates with “tests” even at home. I felt our great need and how much we lack without God. Before we left, Jonathan paraphrased the words of Jacob in Genesis 32.26, “I will not…go unless you bless me!

So, we set off together into the stormy morning. Daryan had been awakened early, so hopefully he would sleep during the echo, but he became sleepy on the journey! We all tried to keep him awake with the jolliest and loudest music Alena could find. To our delight, Daryan especially enjoyed¬† “I saw Three Ships”. We all laughed together at how ridiculous the situation seemed.

Thank God, at the hospital, we were able to get a good assessment done with clear images for his echo, and short bursts of time where Daryan was calm for the ECG. The staff are always very patient and kind with him. He looked so sweet wrapped up in his mum’s sparkly jumper.

We spoke to the cardiologist, and I almost couldn’t believe that he was talking about the right child when he told me that the echo looked good and that it’s likely that next week Daryan can go home to Kurdistan!! He said that the problem with his mitral valve, which had been observed last week, was not a problem according to today’s assessment.¬† Daryan’s mum was so happy to hear this news and we thanked God together from our hearts for His goodness to Daryan.