Answers to our prayers

Arkan and his father were both excited and happy to hear that the doctor wanted to make a meeting to discuss Arkan’s case. We spoke yesterday and Arkan’s father and I both said we were going to pray for a good outcome from the meeting today, and also for the storm to stop before the morning.


So, when the stormy night had passed and this beautiful and peaceful morning had arrived, we agreed that the first prayer had been answered.
The meeting today was also a sweet answer to prayer, as Dr Sharon was able to explain many things, including, in detail, the treatment pathway to the father so that he was really able to get a good understanding about his son’s condition. When she turned the meeting towards him making a decision, he respectfully told her that he trusts her opinion, and his decision is to let her decide. He is a wise and humble man and clearly wanting the very best for his son.
There are two issues to solve for Arkan, firstly to address a conduit which has calcified and therefore narrowed, and secondly that he needs to have a valve replacement. The artificial valve comes at an extra cost, which we need to be trusting God for. The exciting thing is that hopefully these procedures can both be carried out with catheterisation, so no need to open his chest on this occasion. It is a highly specialist procedure, and so they would like to bring one of the most experienced doctors in Europe over for Arkan’s procedure.
More good news is that hopefully this would prevent Arkan from needing any further surgeries for more than 5 years.
It felt like today there were many questions answered for Arkan’s father. He is a very wise and balanced man, who begun the day by reminding me that whatever the Lord wants to happen is going to happen. So, thank God that today he opened the windows of blessing for this family and there is a plan in place. Before we got home, we had a phone call to invite Arkan in for a diagnostic cath in a week and a half, to help prepare for the “big cath”.
Please keep praying for the windows of blessing and provision to open for Arkan’s case.