Appointments at the Dentist, Genetic Clinic

“Exercise in the morning!,” I said to Lya’s mother as we hurried from the Dental Clinic to the Genetics Clinic. Out of breath and with a slight delay, we finally got there.

The dentist was pleased with Lya’s good recovery after her dental operation. At first her lips were very swollen, but that changed after a few days. To ensure that the new teeth stay in good condition, the doctor explained to Lya and her mother exactly what to look out for in the future.

The doctor also demonstrated cleaning techniques with a special three-sided brush. She also explained how important good nutrition is for the condition of the teeth. In the future, Lya should eat less sugar and, above all, no sticky foods. In three months Lya is supposed to visit a dentist again, whether in Israel or in Kurdistan.

Afterwards at the genetics appointment, Lya’s mother had a good and constructive conversation with the doctor. The blood samples from a genetic test were sent to an institute last Wednesday. In about a month we will get the results.

As you can see from the photo, Lya was happy to be back in our family home in the evening. We thank the Lord for being with Lya throughout the day. He also guided us in the stressful moments.