Aram Can Go Home

Aram (right) with her leg in the air, cuddling next to Mateen (left)

Tiny Aram and her doting father attended there final echo appointment today at Sheba. None of us adults in the room could help but laugh as Aram’s small legs kept on flinging up in the air around the cord of the ultrasound scanner. For me it brings me so much joy to see this little one with an energy we didn’t see her have before her surgery. Even though this was inconvenient for the echo technician every time it happened (which was a lot). I couldn’t help but thank God for this!

Aram’s doctor reported that her surgery looks to have been successful and good and she can now return home to Jordan. Please do remember Aram in your prayers though as she continues to have some hypertension which may require medication in the future if it does not naturally (or supernaturally) resolve.

Praise God for bringing Aram to our Shevet community. We have so loved getting to know her and her dad and we hope that as she returns to her Syrian community I pray that her small scar on her chest will be a sign of hope to those around her and will speak of the depth of the Father’s love for her.