Aram in the ER

Since yesterday our beautiful Aram had fever and more cough than usual. We gave her some medication but she didn’t improve, so we brought her to the ER. She is so small but so sweet. When the nurse took her temperature it was approved that she had fever. So they made different procedures like blood test, urinary test and a ultrasound . While we waited for the results she was very peaceful and also many times she fall asleep in  my arms. Her Dad and me were really tired but we were very happy that she was sleeping so comfortable in the hospital bed. Praise the lord all of the time we were waiting in a nice and quiet room.
Finally, after long waiting the doctor came to us and told us that the results were fine, everything is alright, the only thing is that she  dehydrate, so he decreased the medication and increased the milk. And she will have another blood test and an echo in two days. When the doctor gave us the paper that we could go home, we were very happy. Her dad didn’t want sleep in the hospital tonight. Praise the lord Aram is alright. But please pray for this beautiful baby for a completely healing and also she needs to gain weight.