Arkan, a little brother

When co-workers Grant, Kathy, and I arrived at the fourth floor of Sheba Medical Ctr., Rahaf’s father was waiting in the ICU. We had brought some Arabic coffee with us to bless him; I entered the secondary ICU kitchen to get some hot water.

I saw Arkan, awake and talking with his mum! I got to meet this lovely woman for the first time over the phone! She spoke great English, and as we briefly chatted about his cath today, she said to me words that I often heard her husband say: “All we can do is pray.”
After this Arkan and his dad came out to the waiting area with us and Rahaf’s father. Honestly, there was no apprehension in Arkan’s demeanor.

We joked around and played silly games, like trying to speed walk on a single line on the floor, and took funny pictures, including one where he is pretending to receive hand sanitizer from Dr. Uri whose photograph is on the elevator.

Georgia came to join us shortly before he was called in, and when they did call him for the cath, and he went behind the sliding doors to the O.R. we stood at the opaque door looking in, and he came down and made funny faces at us through the door.

I’ve never had a brother, but I consider Arkan to be like a little brother, which made the wait, even just for a diagnostic cath, quite hard. His cath today was to see whether the intervention would be a catheterization or a surgery, and the results were more complex than initially thought. Basically the calcification on the conduit in his heart is alot and because of this there is more risk to the therapeutic cath they hoped to do for him.

Nothing is finalized yet, the doctors will meet to discuss what the treatment should be. Please pray for wisdom in this. His father was subdued with the news, but still remains an steady anchor for his son. This family is deeply loved. Please join with us in bringing them to God in prayer. He promises to incline his ear and hear our petitions.