As a mother comforts her child

Today we went with Shifaa to the Sheba Hospital. For Shifaa, the first Echo-Investigation after her surgery was pending. And for me it was my first trip ever to this hospital. My name is Markus (26). My wife Anna (21) and I arrived from Germany to Shevet Achim ministry last week. My profession is bookkeeping and so I’m not really often in a hospital, especially not in a childrens’ ward.

Shifaa had a nice morning or start to the day and she was happy to be well. While we waited for the investigation, I saw her mood change. When she saw the nurses, the doctor, and the hospital equipment, she began to cry and didn’t stop for a long time.

Co-workers Georgia and Liza were caring for another child named Halbast, so I was alone with Shifaa and her mum at the treatment. Maybe it was ten minutes, but it felt like ten hours. But one thing was heart-warming: seeing how Shifaa’s mum lovingly cared for her, cheering her up and comforting her. She never got tired, even if Shifaa’s mood didn’t change. It made me remember the never-ending and caring love of our heavenly Father. We can read about this in Isaiah 66,13:

As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you, and you will be comforted over Jerusalem.

In this situation, God’s love has become very important to me again. May this mother come to know God the Father through Jesus the son, and know of His perfect love and care for her.
In the end, the echo couldn’t be completed because Shifaa screamed and fidgeted so hard. Now she needs a new appointment for an anesthesial echo. We will see, but someone who fidgeted so much looked very healthy to me 🙂 And when we left the doctor’s room, her lovely smiling returned very quickly.