As long as he goes back healthy

As I was in the Sheba Medical Center Pediatric Secondary ICU, I was delighted to see Kenan’s grandmother. She ushered me into her hospital room which she had been transferred to late last night. As we spoke about Kenan and the possibility of him returning to Gaza tomorrow or early next week, she repeated many times in Arabic that the most important thing is Kenan’s health.

“Two months… [I am here now],” she said. “As long as he goes back healthy.”

The same tender love that I saw in her expression while talking with her yesterday, is present whenever she is speaking about her grandson. She also expressed her gratitude for the excellent care of the doctors at Sheba.

Please pray for their road ahead, that in God’s timing, Kenan would be healthy enough to return to his family in Gaza.

As I left them for the evening, I thought about all the circumstances that must be just right in the order of the work of Shevet, not just on our part, but on the part of the doctors who are among the best in the world. They daily take incredible care of their patients, devote countless hours to their health, often sacrificing their own comforts to conduct surgeries and give the care their patients need.

I’m also touched by the willingness of each appointed guardian, chaperone or parent, who sacrifices much of their life and time, sometimes expense, for an unknown period of time so that a child in their family might live.

God bless the family of Kenan, his grandmother, and those waiting for their return to their home in Gaza.