Aseel and Sham

Little Aseel gave us a smile today, as she was in bed in the ICU. Her mother also was in a great mood and welcomed me and Kit with some tropical juice. She was extremely happy to show me that Aseel is no longer on oxygen, and her oxygen levels are at around 94%. Thank God for his healing so far in this little life.
I was happy to finally see Sham. I have heard of her difficult journey so far, but it was good to see her finally. She has an awful lot of hair and a beautiful face, which was clear despite being covered and surrounded by so many tubes and wires. The nurse shared that Sham is doing a little better today; they have stopped the sedation and are now in the process of waiting for her to wake up.
Please continue to praise God for his healing and ask for the Holy Spirit to surround and fill her and her family.