Asking for a Hanukkah miracle

This evening as we were going to see the Hanukkah lights in Jerusalem, celebrating the triumph of light over darkness, Colin received word that Mustafa was still in the operating room at the hospital. Despite the celebrated news of the successful surgery (see earlier blog below) that repaired his aortic valve and removed his ascending aortic aneurysm, replacing it with grafts, we heard around 6 this evening that Mustafa was experiencing bleeding. At the time of the call, he had already been in the OR for 10 hours.

The whole Shevet community joined hands in the street in the Old City of Jerusalem, and lifted up his situation to God. Colin and I made our way to the hospital, and found Mustafa’s mum alone looking tired and worried. She told us that Mustafa had come out of the OR and into the room in the intensive care unit, but she wasn’t yet allowed to see him. It was good to be together. She has been such a faithful friend to everyone she has met here, and it was sad to see her so worried, carrying the weight of this worry.

After some time, we were allowed in the room, and watched Mustafa sleeping. We prayed together.

Eventually his mum was ready to sleep too, after the nurse had reassured her a few times that Mustafa was definitely not going to be waking up this evening, as he is on medication to stop him moving around. Sleep got the better of her anxieties, and we were able to leave her at Mustafa’s side ready to rest.