Asmaa doing well

“It was such joy to be greeted by Asmaa’s lovely Grandmother as we stepped out of the lift at the Sheba Hospital today. Due to other duties we were unable to visit this little girl immediately but when we eventually saw her she was peacefully asleep, with her Grandmother beside her.

To enter her room we had to put gloves and gowns on to protect her from infection. I am absolutely sure that Asmaa secretly peeped out of one eye to see who was around but then decided it was better to remain sleeping. After a few minutes she began to wriggle, as if to relieve the discomfort of the operation.Then she began to cry!

Grandmother tried to comfort and distract her with an inflated balloon, but Shevet’s head nurse Colin had more success by sharing a colouring book and providing bright crayons. Understandably, Asmaa did not feel like smiling for the camera today. Please pray that our Heavenly Father will add His healing power to the excellent work the surgeons have done then she will discover new things to enjoy and have a happy smile again.