Asmaa’s admirable attitude

Asmaa is such a beautiful child. I love love love her dark brown eyes. Spending time with the four year old is such a blessing as she is so much fun and very creative.

When she got spontaneously called in for surgery this morning, we were all very happy for her. But she was obviously not. She had been very joyful in our house but as soon as we took her in the car you could read from her face that she knew what was going on and where we were going.

Most remarkable and admirable was that even though she was often in pain or upset because of the situation, she endured everything patiently and even cooperated.

After many tears during the echo and the x-ray, Asmaa started crying again as soon as we brought her to her room in the ICU.

I am so glad that the nurse Karen did the whole procedure with us. She is just the best. Even the worst part, putting a cannula in, took only about five minutes. And again: under tears Asmaa offered her arm to Karen as if she would know that everything that is happening is just for her best. In the end, Asmaa even gave many high-fives to Karen. I asked Asmaa to smile for me, and this was the result:

I want to have more of Asmaa’s beautiful attitude: enduring painful, uncomfortable situations in life with patience, trusting that God knows what’s best for me.

The x-ray showed that there is a lot of congestion in Asmaa’s lung. Please pray that this won’t cause any problems during tomorrows surgery and that she would wake up with a new heart.