Corona test

To comply with hospital guidelines, before anyone can be admitted to their wards, Khonav needed to come to the hospital for a corona test. She helped Asmaa wait for her blood test, and soon was taken to the room to quickly have the swabs taken before she was released home. Her sweet and generous mum insisted on buying ice cream for me and Khonav, which we ate all the way up on the 16th floor of the car park.

We enjoyed the view, Khonav took a lot of pictures, and then drove the scenic route home, seeing the flowers and skyscrapers of Tel Aviv.

Khonav was in charge of the music in the car and of chose joyful Kurdish music. It was so fun being together and I am so pleased that Khonav was feeling happy today, as last week, the weight of being here for 5 months had taken its toll, and she had been quite upset.Thank God for this joyful spirit. If the corona test is negative, then she can return to the hospital tomorrow to be admitted for a catheterisation.