Asmaa’s blood test today

Today we took Asmaa to have an INR blood test following her discharge last week. However when we got to the hospital there was much confusion as to where we were to go, as the children’s hematology¬†clinic said that the doctor she needed to see was not there that day. In this moment I asked God for peace and also for him to help us get to Asmaa’s appointment, and indeed God guided our whole way; we then went to the blood test area where I asked one of the staff for help in where to go and she could tell us that it was not in this building that we would see the hematologist. The directions we received were rather vague and moreover Sheba is a huge hospital with many buildings, but we walked from the children’s building to where we were told to go. The building wasn’t labeled, but we walked in a small door on the side, and as usual now there was a volunteer waiting to take our tempatures before we could go farther. I explained to her what we were looking for and, I breathed a sigh of relief when she said we were in the correct place. In the past year I’ve been here we’ve never had an appointment in the adult hematology building, so really it’s only because of God putting the correct people in our path and giving us peace that we found where we were meant to go.

The INR test was only a finger prick and could be read in a minute. The nurse doing the test, after it was done, gave Asmaa a toy to play with as a gift! Good news followed when the doctor saw that her level was within the target range they had wanted! He also explained that Coumadin, the medicine for regulating blood thinning, is one she will be on indefinitely including when she goes back to Kurdistan.
After we finished, he too gave Asmaa a present, this time balloons in different shapes!

I’m so thankful that God helped us this day. And it is days like this that remind me how very little is actually within my power and how truly reliant I am on the Lord. With gratitude we give thanks for Asmaa’s INR result being in the range today, and pray this continues to next week’s check up as well.