Asmaa’s catheterization

When we heard that Asmaa was going to be brought downstairs for the catheterisation, Co-worker Markus and I started on our way up to find her and her grandma. We had only taken about five steps around the corner and found her grandma sitting alone and wiping her eyes. Thank God that we could quickly bring her into the company of other Shevet family Kurdish mothers of children Halbast and Shifaa. These two children both have had surgeries, and so their mums were able to be a comfort for Asmaa’s grandma, with their arms around her reassuring her that the cath would be OK. She agreed that she is trusting in God.

After some hours, and more lovely time all together visiting with other mums in the hospital, Asmaa was brought out of the procedure on a large bed with about six members of the medical team around her. As they wheeled her quickly past, they greeted us with smiles of reassurance. Her grandma and Khonav’s mum rushed after the bed to make sure that everything was OK.

Thankfully, the doctors were able to get the information which they needed during the cath, and found that the pressure of her lungs was not too high. It is good news because it means they can move forward with planning a surgery.

Asmaa was awake shortly after being brought into her room, and fairly disoriented and upset. Thankfully she had her grandma close by to comfort her. Please continue to pray for this lovely girl. She is sensitive and finding the separation from her parents a bit difficult, as well as all of the procedures in the hospital.