Asmaa’s emergency room visit

Asmaa’s grandma has this beautiful, patient smile that always takes me by surprise. We had to take Asmaa to the emergency room this afternoon because we were concerned about her abnormal lung sounds and dry cough. In the middle of rushing between an examination and an echo and a chest x-ray, I looked over at Asmaa’s grandma and she smiled back at me, completely unphased by the chaos around us.

Asmaa too, has this beautiful spirit. She is so patient and has a wonderful creativity – all the medical staff seemed to instantly fall in love with her. I had such a great time colouring and singing her favourite song, The wheels on the bus, while we waited. There was a TV in one of the waiting areas and Asmaa was absolutely fascinated by an Israeli cooking programme. We enjoyed pointing out all the different vegetables as they went into the big saucepan.

After many different tests, we were told Asmaa has an upper respiratory tract viral infection. She was able to return back to Jaffa with two new medication prescriptions. Please pray that she recovers quickly from this virus and is able to have her surgery soon.