Asmeen returns to Sheba hospital

Yesterday evening I was doing an admission to Sheba hospital for one of our children to its 6th floor. When I went into the ICU, there was a lovely surprise awaiting me. It was the lovely mother of Asmeen greeting me with her beautiful smile. She and little Asmeen are back at Sheba Medical Center since yesterday.

I was so happy to see them because it has been a while since we’ve saw each other. They have been in Alyn Rehabilitation hospital in Jerusalem. It was even a longer time since I’ve seen Asmeen, as in Alyn hospital I wasn’t allowed to see her.

So it was lovely to see her today, and I can see that she has grown a lot. She was readily reacting to noises and her eye contact has improved which is also an improvement.

Asmeen’s mother is a great woman with a beautiful heart. She is always comforting the mothers and encouraging them. For example, she did this yesterday evening as she showed one of our new mothers how to make her bed, where the bed sheets are kept, and the floor kitchen and so on. It is a privilege to have her back, as she is such a lovely woman.

Also today she comforted some other mothers. We call her “the Queen of the ICU” and it is really nice that they all comfort each other right from the beginning. Please pray that she may continue in her beautiful patience, she has been here for such a long time with little Asmeen and there seems to be no end to it.