Asmeen in Alyn Hospital, Jerusalem

Today was the day for Asmeen’s transfer to Alyn Hospital in Jerusalem. Her mother has waited a long time for this, and it’s a real blessing that Asmeen should be given a place at this hospital. We are told its the best place in Israel for children in Asmeen’s condition, and beds are almost always given just to Israeli citizens. Asmeen has a place, we are told, as a special favour for the doctor in the ICU at Sheba hospital.The ambulance that transferrs patients to Alyn Hospital, came early in the morning, so Asmeen had to leave Sheba while we were still on the way there. We shared a video chat and saw little Asmeen bundled into the ambulance.

We will really miss seeing Asmeen’s mother each day at Sheba, but we can still visit with her and Asmeen at Alyn hospital. Asmeen’s mother is also hopeful that she might be able to take a day herself and see the other Kurdish mothers who are currently staying at our guesthouse in Jerusalem. Perhaps it will be possible. Asmeen’s mum sent me a message and video when she arrived to the new hospital. I took a few images from the video, Asmeen in her Sheba bed and Sheba pyjamas. Also the view out of the window, the beautiful mountains of Ein Kerem, near Jerusalem.

When we looked at photos online yesterday of Ein Kerem, Asmeen’s mum said the mountains are like Kurdistan. It’s also a reminder to us that, “As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people, from this time forth and forevermore.” Psalm 125:2 We can pray that Asmeen’s mother continues to grow and shine in strength and dignity, and little Asmeen’s condition improves, as she is surrounded by the Lord.