Assessing the Situation

I was so so happy to see Gabi at the airport, as I remember the many months he was here last year with his beautiful mum. This time he has come with his father. Gabi is looking handsome but it was clear to see that he is not in such a good condition, as his face looked swollen, his breathing sounded noisy, and as we were waiting for the other mums in the airport, his fingers and toes were turning bluer as time passed.

We put him on oxygen and took Gabi straight to the hospital, we quickly saw many members of staff there who were expecting his arrival. Many were concerned about him, and remembered him from last time.

Gabi’s oxygen levels seemed to have recovered from the flight and he was reasonably stable at around 70% saturation, so the doctor was confident to be able to send him home, where he is going to wait for catheterisation next week.

It is a real pleasure to have Gabi back here, and many people have already been in contact to send their love to him, as they remember him. It’s also special that Ana is here again too at the same time, and hopefully this is providing some comfort to the diligent, wonderful mother of Gabi who is now waiting alone in Kurdistan.

Please pray for Gabi’s oxygen levels to remain stable at the house and for him to settle here. Please also pray for the catheterisation scheduling, and that Gabi will be able to find some healing again here in Israel.