I picked up Yano and her mom today from our Jerusalem Guest house for Yano’s assessment at Sheba hospital.

In the beginning, everything went very quick and easy. We didn’t wait long for the echo and Yano was very calm. I’ve never seen a child so relaxed during the assessment at the hospital. Usually the children are crying, but Yano was very uncomplicated.

Yano and her mother were patient while waiting to speak with the doctor and I played with Yano at the playground in the waiting area.

After some tests, including a blood test and an x-ray, we talked with the doctor again and he suggest a catheterization for little Yano.

We will get to know the specific date for the cath in the next days.

After the long day, we were happy to have this information and went back to Jerusalem, where Yano and her mother are staying currently.