At last

This evening co-workers Colin and Nate are escorting Asmeen and her mother from Sheba hospital to Ben Gurion airport where they will then fly to Iraq with Asmeen and her mother, with one layover in between.

I met Asmeen in Janurary. Back then she was so little. Now, eight months later, she looks like a toddler.

Her mother dressed her with a special dress for traveling. and in preparation for seeing her father after all these months.

No one imagined she would be here for this much time, she and her mother only stayed in Jaffa for one night and then every one of the following nights for them has been spent in one or another hospitals.

We’ve often wrote of two things pertaining to Asmeen, the complex logistics of transporting her with mechanical ventilation attached to her tracheostomy for one, and also the incredible endurance and patience of her mother. For both of these monumental things, we have seen God at work. He has worked through various people including one doctor, Daphne, who has her own medical transport company in Israel and helped Colin and Nate plan everything. This wouldn’t have been possible without them all. As the night comes, with two flights and a layover in between, as well as two ambulance rides, please pray for them as they care for Asmeen.

As for the strength of Asmeen’s mother, it is always easy to give comfort to others when we ourselves are not suffering, but it is infinitely more costly to provide comfort for others when we ourselves are in pain at that moment. Asmeen’s mother, in the midst of her own nine month trial, has without fail, given a great deal of love, encouragement, and solace to other Kurdish families in the midst of their crises.

I will always remember her hugs, she gave the best of those; especially at trying times, she strengthened me and my co-workers Sabrina and Georgia.

And how much the Sheba hospital ICU staff loved Asmeen! How has this little baby that I met in January, who has gone through so, so much, how has she grown into quite a sassy and lovely little girl?

Please pray for the rest of Asmeen’s life. We pray that one day In the future, she would be able to breathe without the ventilator and have the tracheostomy closed. Amen. May it be so.