At last, Shadi’s surgery tomorrow

As much as we enjoy our time with the extroverted and happy Shadi and his lovely mother at our community home in Jaffa, we and especially his mother, don’t forget the reason they are here. Shadi’s needs a heart surgery and today, waiting to be admitted to the hospital came to an end after a month, as Shadi was admitted today to Sheba hospital in preparation for his surgery tomorrow.

So far Shadi’s mother has had a beautiful attitude. She complains about nothing, Doctors had to discuss Shadi’s case today together which took some time as Shadi has many problems in his heart.

Both Shadi and his mother are easy to love. If you were to meet them, you would immediately love them. Our other Kurdish mothers think very highly of both also. They all went outside today when Shadi and his mom left our community home for the hospital, to say goodbye and wish them their best.

Shadi’s doctor said there still isn’t a decision as yet as to what they are doing for Shadi in the surgery, but they will decide before surgery tomorrow. So your prayers are much appreciated.