At least two more weeks

Today, I drove Hussein and his mother to Sheba Hospital for an echo appointment to see how he is progressing post-surgery. The doctors were happy with the images on the screen and enjoyed checking-in with him. Many of the nurses passing by recognized Hussein and were beaming to see him healthier. The cardiologist wants him to stay in Ashdod for at least two more weeks so they can make sure he’s good to go before sending him home to Kurdistan.

Hussein is always a joy to be with at the hospital. Many of the volunteers have heard him tell animated stories of his surgery and hospital stay. While he was a little nervous during the echo and ECG, he kept a smile on his face, and I got to teach him how to have a thumb war. He seemed to have success using both of his hands, leaving me hopelessly outnumbered.

It’s a true privilege to have gained the trust of this remarkable child. He lights up every room he enters and we are praying the Lord continues to provide for his body as it heals.