At the hospital together


Rovar had another long day at the hospital. He is going so regularly at the moment for blood tests which are mainly to check his haemoglobin levels which have been dropping dangerously low.

Today again was a really traumatic time for him having his blood taken but thankfully as soon as it was over, he had forgotten all about it. His haemoglobin levels are still low, but not so much that he required another blood transfusion today.

Whilst we waited to see the doctor, Rovar enjoyed himself by copying dance routines from some favourite YouTube videos. It was so sweet to see him. He has a lovely personality and is very kind and loving.

Some changes were made to his medication, and he still needs to come back yet again on Sunday for another blood test. It is not an easy time for him, needing to come so frequently to have blood tests, and sitting for long long days in the hospital.
Please keep praying for him and his mum