Austere, lonely offices true love demands

On the recommendation of the Sheba hospital doctors who discharged Dina, we are to bring Dina to the emergency room in the event that she has a seizure. She is currently on two medications to help with this possible condition.

Today, in the afternoon, as I was going through Dina’ medications with her mum, Dina went very rigid and her face turned blue. For a few seconds, she was completely frozen. Her mother said that this was one of her seizures; it has been complicated for the past few weeks with trying to care for Dina at first in the hospital, and now at our community house, because Dina’s mother is insistent on returning to Kurdistan, so she was reluctant at first to go to the hospital at all.

She finally agreed to go on the condition that Dina won’t be admitted. Admission to the hospital is what the doctors recommended as soon as we got there, but they understood that she would not consent. The neurologist added a new medication to help control the seizures. So please be praying for little Dina. Please also be praying for Dina’s mother as well.

After many hours in an isolation room and all the morning at the house together, we got home from the hospital at 11:30 at night, brought Dina her medicine, made her milk, and tried to make sure Dina’s mother ate something. I needed to go sit outside our house for a few minutes for some time.

As I sat there, a small phrase came to mind: remember why you came here. Before I knew any Kurdish and could barely communicate in Arabic, before I considered the staff at Sheba my friends and knew the hospital well, before all of this, I came here because of something, because of someone. I came for love. I believed that Jesus on the cross is the ultimate expression of love, and somehow I knew that meant for me that I needed to come to serve at Shevet. Dina’s mother has been through a lot, and as I think we don’t really get to choose the parts of ourselves that we lose along the way in grief, even if it’s not death but other circumstances that cause the loss of something in our lives, we all want to do what is right but can lose our footing. In this difficult case, please pray for all of us here at Shevet to choose kindness, gentleness, compassion, and understanding, especially for Dina’s mother. Pray that she will choose what is right by Dina despite her knowing well the austere and lonely offices that love demands.

And let’s remember especially little Dina, whom the doctors and nurses have worked so hard for, that she is taken care of properly and given a future and a hope.