Awake on ECMO

Today at Hadassah Hospital, we were surprised because Majed was awake ! Actually, we prayed last week for his successful extubation and he is not intubated at all and he is awake!  And the medical staff of this ICU are very caring over this poor curly-haired Gazan boy with every possible and sophisticated effort at their disposal. Awakening him “during” ECMO is a very rare procedure and one of the highest skills even in this top-rated hospital. This awakening is good for training Majed to be better thriving when he is off the ECMO. As far as I know, awakened during ECMO is accepted in advanced hospitals in the world more and more because it is known for better outcome and prognosis of seriously ill patients.

Majed was not just opening his eyes but was also moving weakly. His lung seemed to “forgot” how to breathe from time to time. RR(respiratory rate) fluctuated between 0~24 and this means that his lung is recovering slowly but continuously. We are thankful God spared Majed’s brain function and that his heart beats well. Looking forward now to complete recovery of his lungs.