Aya’s surgery went well

It was a big day today for our lovely Aya. She was almost six hours in her heart surgery at Sheba Medical Centre. Her lovely mother was worried for her daughter and by Aya’s side all the time until she had to leave her with the doctors.

The Lord knows and He gives us in His perfect time whatever we need sometimes before we even ask. During the long hours of surgery, there was a lovely woman coming out of nowhere and she told us, that her son had gone through three surgeries in the last year and is doing very well now. It was the heavenly comfort from a mother’s heart to another mother’s heart! Then the doctors came out twice to us to tell us the surgery was going well.

Thank God the surgery went so fast and successfully.  After surgery, she was moved to Pediatric Cardiac ICU and hopefully our lovely Aya will recover well. Please keep praying for this wonderful girl!