Baby Aiman returns to Gaza!

Tiny Aiman was released from the hospital on Friday, and since it was after the border closed, we got to bring him back to the base with us to stay through Shabbat.

He is doing very well now and eating more all the time! He is so perfectly precious with his cute little nose, and tiny little fingers and toes! He does not have any infections or bacteria, but is still finishing some antibiotics, and is still on a couple of meds to help his heart keep the fluid off, but is well on his way to being a healthy baby.

He will have a follow up appointment in about a month to make sure he is recovering well. It was a pleasure to have his grandmother here with him this weekend, we helped her to understand his medicine schedule (which was written in English and she only reads Arabic) and spent lots of time just holding andcuddling this tiny bundle. She shared a room with our other Mom from Gaza who is waiting with Baby Mustafa to be admitted to the hospital for surgery on Sunday. It was wonderful to have them both with us.