Baby Mustafa’s smile is back!


From the first time I met this always smiling bundle of joy I fell in love. His smile lights up the room and he is always ready to greet you with one when you walk in. We so enjoyed having him and his beautiful mother with us for a few days at the base, and today it was so good to see that he made it through his surgery just great! He is doing well on room air without oxygen, eating good, his incisions are healing well, and he might get to go home tomorrow! I got to scoop him up wires and all, imagine trying to keep all those wires connected to a little guy who likes to play with them. His mom says it’s not too bad! He is still playing with the tiny puppy I gave him before he went to surgery, I pray that every time they see this little dog they remember their time at Shevet and that God will use there time here to lead them to the knowledge of salvation through His son. Visiting him was definitely the bright spot in my day today! He enjoyed playing with my toys from my backpack, and his laughter is just as delightful as his smile. I visited with his mom via Google translate, and before I left even got her connected to a couple of other moms that she met at the base. I couldn’t read anything of the Arabic on her phone, so I put my info in her phone and she sent me a text so that I would know her phone number to send to the other moms. There are ways around not reading Arabic. His mother promised to send me pictures of him as he grows up, and his smile will make me smile every time I receive one. Praise the Lord for bringing Baby Mustafa through his surgery strong and healthy! May He continue to work in his life and the lives of his family!