Baby veins

We took cute little Brwa to Sheba Hospital for a blood test today. We had a little trouble checking him in with the printer not working at the nursing station  and all, but Brwa stayed calm and content all the day.

The nurse had to poke his tiny hand twice in search of a good vein.  He cried a little, but the pacifier with a little sugar on it helped.  After the second try, the nurse was getting a good flow of blood to fill the two tubes, while Brwa’s mother was gently holding his arm. Brwa was so brave to stay calm.  We are so proud of you, Brwa! After the blood work, we drove down to Ashdod safe and sound.

 Lord, please protect Brwa and his mother and make the appropriate surgery happen at your appointed time.  Please bless them as a part of the Shevet family, so that they can make themselves comfortable.