Back for neurological appointments

This morning we picked up six month-old Jamal and his mother from the Gaza border for his EEG this afternoon at Sheba Hospital. What seemed to become a long wait since they were pretty early arriving to the hospital, turned out to go faster than we thought. Before Jamal was even checked in at the secretary’s desk, the doctor called us already in for the EEG.

Unfortunately it took a long time until the doctor could do the test, as Jamal had to be asleep for it. But this afternoon, Jamal wasn’t even slightly interested in sleeping. He was moving around and making noises as if he wanted to talk to us. After a long series of crying, playing and calming down again, he finally fell asleep slowly. Once he was sleeping the test started and for the rest of the time his mother and me were staying as quiet as possible to make sure he wasn’t waking up. Thank God the rest of the test went all well. In the end we were finished with the appointment even before the time it was scheduled.

After Jamal woke up again he was just as happy as he was before his appointment and showed me again and again his beautiful smile. He and his mother also met their relatives who are living here in Israel and they spent some time together with them. It’s nice that they have relatives here whom they can meet. Because Jamal has another neurology appointment in one week, he will stay with us in Ashdod. We are all happy to have them in our house and look forward to our time with them.