Back home to Gaza

After much to-ing and fro-ing, the doctors at Sheba settled on a decision to send Fayez home to Gaza today. It took a lot of work from many nurses to organise everything which he needed to go with, for example, a lot of medicines which are not available in Gaza. Thankfully they all have Fayez’ best interests in their hearts, and as I watched the many huge bags get piled and squeezed into the car, I thought how much has happened from so many people, just with the goal of saving and valuing Fayez’ life.

Fayez is constantly happy, and today was no change, but his mum today was especially happy with the thought of being able to return to her husband and two other sons in Gaza after this long time away.

Thank God for Fayez’ good health, and please pray that God will continue to protect and sustain him. We should see him again in about a month for a check up, and possible further interventions.