Back in Ashdod

At Sheba Hospital today, Eva’s mother greeted us with the most pleasant surprise during our visit with her; Eva was getting discharged today! She has recovered from RSV, and is going to be with us in Ashdod for a few days, just until her catheter this upcoming monday.

Eva’s heart is so complex. Not only have doctors speculated she would be unable to live without intubation or oxygen support or travel, (all of these Eva defied) but the staff at Sheba can not even begin to imagine what treatment is necessary until they do a diagnostic catheterization. So hopefully after Monday, we will have a plan for her treatment moving forward.

As of now, Eva seems to be happy to be out of the hospital, but has spent so little time in Ashdod that it must hardly feel like a home to her. However with the relaxed, open environment, welcoming atmosphere, and community of Shevet staff and families, she will likely quickly grow happy here. We are praying that she can get to the diagnostic catheter without issue, and we can have a clear treatment moving forward, with no complications, so that this strong little girl can triumph, and live.