Back to Kurdistan!

Praise the Lord our beautiful Gashbin has finally finished her journey in Israel. The last obstacle she had to overcome: a blood test and an echo.

Gashbin entered the hospital joyfully since she knew it might be the last time. Our brave girl smiled and laughed with the other children. But her mood changed as we were waiting for her blood test. She tried to fight back her fear but the sight of the room and the medical things seemed to bring back memories of her surgery. One moment she was smiling and making jokes the next moment tears were running down her face. Seeing her like this made me very sad.

Still the good news came through. Praise the Lord Gashbin can go home!!! Our brave girl celebrated this success with all her heart. Joyful pictures were taken and everyone celebrated with her.

My prayer is that Gashbin will grow up to be the wonderful women that God created her to be, that the time she had to spent here won’t be shadowed by the hard time of the surgery.