Back to Kurdistan

Before our team left with Sohaib and his mother for his appointments at Sheba Medical Center this morning, coworker Bria already told us that there is a possibility that the doctors would allow Sohaib to fly back to Kurdistan. So, full of hope and expectations, we started the blood test and the echo.

When the doctor then told us how things were going, we listened very carefully. She explained that Sohaib still has a big hole in his heart. However, it cannot be closed now, as this would have serious side effects for Sohaib. So the doctors decided to wait a few years before surgically closing the hole. Since the results ​​of the echo and blood tests were good today, Sohaib can return to Kurdistan with his mother for this time.

What a great pleasure! Sohaib’s mother happily hugged the doctor, who was also visibly happy for the family. It’s great to see how the doctors in the waiting area go to Sohaib and share the joy of his return.

Tomorrow there is one last ultrasound appointment and then the flight can be booked. May God bless the doctors for their great work and keep his protective hand over Sohaib on the return flight.