Back to Kurdistan with Joy

Yesterday we had a farewell party for Lana and her mother. We had three families leaving today so we had a very fun party for all of them. We enjoyed the party together with all of the Shevet families. Lana’s mother received a lot of phone calls from the families at the hospital, who wanted to say goodbye to them. Lana and her mother were so excited throughout the entire party.

Today was the day for Lana and her mother to go back to Kurdistan. We could see happiness in their faces but also that they were nervous. On our way to the airport, Lana’s mother told me, “I miss everyone already.”

We had a very nice farewell at the airport. It worked out nicely that Lana and her mother were able to travel together with Nyaz and her mother.

These families are going to stay in our hearts. We were so blessed to have them here with us. We wish them a lot of joy, good health, and happiness back in Kurdistan. God bless them!