Back to Mommy

After his successful cath yesterday, Baby Hassan could finally go home to his mommy today and it was our task to bring him there. But before Anna and I noticed that there is no child seat in our vehicle which we call Junior. After a short brainstorming with the other community members we decided to go to Yad Sarah, where you can borrow anything for rehabilitation and social services. Thanks God, that they had exactly the perfect size for Hassan and so we could start off to Hadassah Hospital of Jerusalem.

As we arrived at the children’s department, Dr. Ibrahim (at right in the picture below) ran straight to our arms and welcomed us: >Shevet Achim, right?<

The discharge report was already finished and he said that they will tell us Hassan’s surgery date after a final meeting. This should be expected in April. Dr. Ibrahim is a really cool guy and he is a big supporter of Shevet Achim. He was excited for our coming and expressed his respect to us.

Now we went finally to Hassan’s room and met the first time this little cute baby with his irresistible smiling and his amazing dad. We informed the dad that we came to bring them home. The first words he told us via Google translater were: >Respect and Love, Thank you!< With this answer we began to see how grateful he is for the help of Shevet Achim.

Dr. Ibrahim explained to the father everything in his language, and he advocated that Hassan receive his medicine supply for the first month from the hospital, because it’s not so easy to get in Gaza. What a blessed man! After one hour of waiting and packing we were ready for discharge and so we started towards border. Baby Hassan had already fallen asleep and probably woke up at home in the arms of his mother.

Please pray for this little fighter and his family, that everything will go well and he will become completely health after his surgery in April. And also thanks for Dr. Ibrahim – he is a great guy, a gifted doctor and exactly the right contact person for our work. God bless him!