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Sweet Wareen was admitted for surgery a few days ago only to find out she had a virus that has put a halt on the procedure. Her father has been so gracious with this unexpected news, so we thank God for his gentle heart. Today she was discharged back to us for two weeks until the virus runs its course. The nurses said the only cure for it is time. For now, she will need one liter of oxygen per day to keep her saturation stable, but she looks so much healthier with this treatment.

You can really see the difference in her skin tone being more pink than blue. The Sheba staff were so accommodating today, even letting us take her home with one of their oxygen tanks for the car ride, again we see the blessing that the staff are to our families. It was quite the sight as Warren’s father held her in his arm and I carried the oxygen tank down the hall all the while Sophie shouldered the numerous bags that Bella’s mom had brought to the hospital. We all left together, laughing and enjoying each others company. We thank God so much for these beautiful families.