Back to the ER

Mariya went back to Sheba Hospital’s ER today because she barely ate over the last three days. Mariya doesn’t eat normal food, she only drinks a special milk. Normally six bottles a day, but now only one bottle spread out over one day.

We are afraid for dehydration, so we took her to the ER. After a couple of hours, the doctor decided that Mariya needs to stay. She doesn’t have a UTI, but because the doctor is also afraid for dehydration, she wants Mariya to stay. In the next couple of days the doctors will run tests for Mariya and maybe even give her a sonde to give her the nutrition she needs.

Please pray for Mariya. She didn’t have a great time in the ER. She cried a lot. But at one point someone gave me a bottle with soap to blow bubbles and it completely cheered her up!