Be assured, and don’t worry

Awmed has been having some noisy breathing, which his Grandma has been worried about. She has been told in Kurdistan that it means he has a chest infection. Certainly when he cries, he gets to be very squeaky and wheezy. This, coupled with his complexion’s greyish color from dropping oxygen levels when he cries, can be quite worrying for Grandma to see.

Thankfully, the Pulmonary doctor saw Awmed and put his Grandmother’s mind at ease. He was a very kind doctor, who examined Awmed, and explained that there is nothing to be worried about. The squeaky stridor is due to weak cartilage in his trachea, which will become stronger as he gets older. The wheezing sound is due to the abnormal blood flow in his lungs, due to his heart condition. The doctor assured her that there is no chest infection, and that after the heart defect is corrected in surgery, the wheezing sound would stop.

As this was the outcome of today’s appointment, Awmed and his grandma went up to the Pediatric Cardiology Department, and saw a nurse who took Corona tests for them both, in order to prepare to welcome them back to Sheba Hospital tomorrow for surgery on Thursday.