Be strong, take heart, and wait for the Lord

Mohammed had his first cardiac evaluation today at Hadassah in Jerusalem.  This is great news for Mohammed and his mother – but also very hopeful news for Shevet Achim as a new relationship is being forged for children from Kurdistan to be seen at Hadassah Hospital.  With Sheba Hospital filling up to capacity, Mohammed may have faced several weeks delay for this first evaluation.  Please pray that as doors are opening up for Mohammed – more doors will be open in the future for our beloved Kurdish families to receive the life saving care they need in Jerusalem.

Mohammed expresses often that he is shy – but he hides his shyness behind a huge smile and warm eyes.  His lovely mother expresses gratitude, along with ever-present concern for her son, with every interaction.  The drive to Jerusalem was beautiful today, with some rain along the way.  Whenever I Iooked to see if Mohammed was noticing the surroundings I saw that he was only focus on football videos on his phone.  Mohammed says he is a huge Messi fan.  We learned today that Mohammed likes to play soccer, but that because of his heart, he tires easily and takes brakes.  Mohammed is pretty much a typical 14 year old boy.

Mohammed rested quietly on an exam table for the long ECHO evaluation today. Mohammed was very interested in watching the ECHO screen, watching the movements and flow of his heart on the monitor.  The cardiologist spent a long, long time reviewing and discussing the findings.  The mother expressed concern several times and seemed to be thinking that Mohammed would be having his full surgery today.  In the end, all the doctor was able to state firmly was that he needed more time to discuss Mohammed’s case with more doctors.  No amount of translation efforts would fully calm the mother’s concerns and with no surgery happening today as she was expecting – the mom reiterated several times ‘Please- We are Poor- We need your help- Please don’t send us back to Kurdistan’.

Please join us in prayer for the team of doctors who will review Mohammed’s complex case in coming days.  Please pray for Mohammed and his mother who, like the rest of us, are just left to wait.  But we wait with confidence, knowing that the Lord has already moved ahead of this whole story – and so we take comfort while we wait.

Wait for the Lord
Be strong and take heart
And wait for the Lord