Beautiful company

Today beautiful Shifaa entered her first surgery. When I reached the intermediate ICU, I met Shifaa’s beautiful mum. She gave me a long hug and showed me a beautiful smile. Her strength, but also her fear, was visible to me.

Little Shifaa smiled at me as I started playing with her with a red balloon. Her beautiful smile and joy transferred over to me. During the wait for the surgery Shifaa’s mum was blessed with wonderful company. Mustafa‘s mum had asked to be with Shifaa’s mum and had brought food. She poured all her love into Shifaa’s mum.

As the nurse came to bring Shifaa into the OR, Shifaa’s mum faced this hard walk strongly. Shifaa adapted this strength and held tightly on to her red balloon constantly looking at her mum. Because her mum stood strong Shifaa felt save and started exploring her surroundings. Shifaa did not fear when she was taken to the OR. Since she had held on so tightly to staying strong for her daughter, the tears filled her eyes as Shifaa’s mum came to the waiting area.

But she wasn’t alone Mustafa‘s mum, Co-workers Colin, Claudia and I surrounded her, and tried to give her comfort. Shifaa’s mum gained her strength back. She wasn’t alone for one second. I loved to see how Mustafa‘s Mum stayed to wait and also Halbast‘s mum came and waited. Even though they didn’t knew each other for long they shared the suffering and lifted each other up. It was a beautiful time that was filled with shared prayer, worries and also laughter.

Shifaa’s surgery was done in the estimated five hours and went very well. Shifaa’s mum was filled with joy and relief as she saw Shifaa. She hurried to her bedside and kissed her head lovingly. Her happiness was so genuine and moved all of us. Shifaa is now recovering from this hard surgery.