“Beautiful Eyes Means Strong Girl”

Today we visited our beautiful Reem in the hospital. As we entered the room she was peacefully asleep so we could talk to her strong mother for a while. We asked if we could pray for little Reem and her mother really appreciated it. Both of them need prayers. They have been a long time in hospital and sadly there hasn’t  been much change in Reems health for a long time. Mom is very tired and is thinking about changing guardianship with Reem’s grandma. But she loves Reem so much and doesn’t want to leave her so it’s a very difficult situation.

Later on, Reem opened her eyes and woke up. Even though she is surrounded by machines, all I could see was her beautiful eyes. Her mother told us that Reem means “beautiful eyes” and that is so true! So please keep praying for this special girl and her powerful mom!