Beautiful one

When coworker Amelie and I arrived this morning to Sheba hospital, little Eliana was already in her catheterization procedure and her mother was waiting with other mothers and grandmothers from Gaza and Kurdistan. She was quite worried about her child and even though she is only in the hospital since yesterday, the others comforted her and encouraged her.

Eliana got a balloon catheterization to dilate the pulmonary valve. Everything went well and the balloon dilation helped. But the doctor told me afterwards that Eliana’s valve is very complicated, and they are not sure if what they did today would be enough for Eliana.

When our cute girl was finally back in her room, I entered it together with her relieved mother. I stayed in the room for an hour while Eliana was crying; her mom tried everything to comfort her. During this whole situation, I had the song “Beautiful One” in my head which we sang in our morning meeting today. As we worship God with this song, he looks at us, his children, and sees us as beautiful ones. In this moment, being in the hospital room with a crying child and her slightly weeping mother, I caught hold of some more of the love that God has for us. I probably can’t even understand what Eliana’s mother felt in this moment, how heartbreaking it has to be to see her beloved little girl crying so hard, and yet we know that God loves us even more and cares for us more than we can comprehend.

Let us pray that Eliana’s mom will feel this love while she is in the hospital and also for a quick recovery of our beautiful one!