Beautifully receiving news

Khonav attended an appointment today at the Sheba Medical Center, to have an echo and to hear the outcome of the CT scan which she had recently. She really enjoyed the trip out with many of the other Kurdish families, and as she was dressed so beautifully for the occasion, she wanted to take many photos.

The doctor explained that it was difficult to have a good understanding of her heart structure from the echo and the CT scan, and so he suggested that it would be better for her to have a catheterisation. This would enable him to be able to assess and perhaps amend the shunt which is placed, and also to assess her pulmonary arteries. He explained that Khonav’s case is complex, and needs to be assessed further and discussed with the medical team. I was very pleased to be able to describe the huge difference in Khonav’s quality of life which we have been able to observe since she has had the surgery.

Please pray for Khonav as she has received the news that she may have to have another catheterisation and is still beautifully saying “mshkila niya”; Kurdish for no problem. We are thanking God so much for the transformation of Khonav and also for the care of the doctor to ensure that everything possible has been done for Khonav.

It will be her 15th birthday on the weekend and so please also pray for a special blessing.