Becoming a doctor?

At Lya’s endocrine appointment in Sheba Hospital today, we had a really good time with the cute girl. She made the whole waiting time very funny and even her doctor was surprised at Lya’s curiosity.

The endocrinologist talked to Lya’s mom about all the genetic tests and the results their doctors in Kurdistan already collected and she consulted with her colleagues about further steps. Lya is diagnosed with Williams Syndrome. To know more about her disease, Lya’s endocrinologist ordered a row of tests which Lya has to make in the next weeks. Doctors need to see what exactly is going on and in which way they can treat her. Throughout everything, Lya played with the doctor’s stethoscope and tried to listen to her mother’s heart. She was really happy about being a “doctor” for a few minutes and who knows where the Lord will lead her – maybe one day she will be able to help others.

Please pray for Lya’s treatment here in Israel and that the Lord will hold his mighty hand over her.