Becoming Messi

In style for the recent FIFA World Cup win of Argentina San showed us his football skills today. When I came to the ICU I saw San and another boy playing football with the nurses and some doctors. I didn’t expect him to be so active after the surgery he just had but I got to see his improvement with my own eyes. Everyone was having so much fun with the boys and one of the doctors called San the little Messi of the ICU. Later we sat on his bed and played with the gifts he got from Sheba volunteers for Hannukah. San said to me that I should come to Kurdistan with him to play more when he can go home soon. His mother is really looking forward to getting out of the hospital and back to her home in Kurdistan. A doctor told us that it is possible that he can be discharged to our Ashdod house tomorrow and after his next follow up echo maybe even home to Kurdistan. It was so good to see him so happy and well.

Thank the Lord for San and that he is so good after his surgery. Pray for the coming days and that he maybe can go home soon.