Before we ask

Today, little Mina and her dad were able to come to Israel with five other Kurdish families through Jordan’s border with Israel. Maybe you have read Jonathan’s letter from Kurdistan where he already visited the whole family, arranged for them to travel, and now they are here!

So after everything was done at the border crossing point, we went on to our community home Jaffa in the afternoon where this little family will spend two weeks in quarantine but will be able to make hospital appointments.

After a time in the car, I prayed in my heart to the Lord and said to him that I was hungry, because I hadn’t really eat anything until that that time. In this moment Mina’s dad opened his backpack and gave me some pastries. This was such a nice moment for me. Our Father really knows, before we ask him.

So with this amazing truth in mind, please ask Him also for Mina’s coming treatment which starts next week with the first appointment at Sheba hospital.